Version 2.3, made in 2022


We will fully take control of Internet ads for you
Create advertising campaign from scratch in a week
Optimise your advertising budget to match your goals
Share with you the weekly result reports

Our advertising specialist is like the Stig — we keep his identity a secret, and his head is protected — because he is that good.

His main skill is to spend advertising budgets wisely. He will monitor your rates 24 hours a day and select the most effective placements.

And we can also do SEO.

We can undertake SEO-optimisation of the site. But we do only the necessary work to bring the site to the top without draining budgets and cluttering up texts.

The main part is the people.

We do not just do the technical setup of advertising, but create a full-fledged advertising concept, we can even hang banners in every social network (yes, even in LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Of course, if that makes sense). In general, we do everything with common sense and a reasonable marketing point of view, and not just because we were taught so in marketing school.

All our ads are synchronized with offline and any other media.

We start small.

Ordinary agencies, which we would struggle to even call «marketing agencies», require budgets as tall as the mountains from a client. But not us. We are kind and smart marketologists, so let’s start with tests on small budgets. Only after we analyze and adjust the advertising campaign will wel take up the full work of these budgets.

All advertising systems.

We do advertising on all available sites: Direct, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest. We — like the Genie in the Bottle — fulfill your desires. And not three, but all.

Only tests, only hardcore.

We don’t make any decisions related to serious budgets without preliminary tests on living people. Because we care about your money. In general, we try to base everything that we do on data and tests.

We work without commission

Everyone except us receives a commission from the budget of Google and other advertising systems. These types of commission models’ only incentive is to blow the budget. You can not even imagine how often you are being made a fool out of by paying such prices. We know at least a dozen examples of customers who were robbed in daylight off their money. We have never received and never will receive commissions. Because we work for you, not Google.

We’ll configure end-to-end analytics, call tracking and CRM.

You don’t need to get familiar with all sorts of Google Analytics, goals, UTM-tags and other nonsense. Just give it all to us. You need to see numbers and conclusions to make a business better and more profitable. That is what we will do for you.

— We will configure data collection and analytics systems

— We will establish regular reports

— Not only numbers, but also conclusions and recommendations

— We do not torment customers with complex terms

Enough, just call me!
We work abroad.

Version 2.3, made in 2022