Version 2.3, made in 2022

No one but us

«Contagious marketing» is the only company that works without unnecessary meetings, technical tasks and approvals. We take care of all the marketing tasks, you get the result.

Marketing takeover

Your marketing department is wasting at least $8,200 a year.

We suggest you get rid of them and become our client. Everyone who did this gets excellent marketing for about $680 a month and sells about three times as much as their competitors.

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Website development

Work with the website. A good site for us has a clear structure and an understandable result for the business owner. And only then — great design.

This includes high-quality and clear texts, analytics and figures. The sites of our customers are convenient, understandable and easily perform exactly the function that is assigned to them. Nothing extra.

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Only we will create mega-quality texts without unnecessary technical specifications and approvals.

High-quality design for an adequate price.

We will make a website in just a month.

We even make complex sites and personal accounts.

Internet ads and promotions.

Our advertising specialist is like the Stig — we keep the person a secret, and his head is protected — since he is that good.

His main skill is to spend advertising budgets wisely. He will monitor your rates 24 hours a day and select the most effective placements.

We can undertake SEO-optimization of the site. But we do only the necessary work to bring the site to the top without draining budgets and cluttering up texts.

You will receive weekly reports on site traffic and other goals that we have achieved, and how much money we spent on each client.

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We’ll take full control of Internet ads.

We create an advertising campaign from scratch in a week.

We optimise the advertising budget for your goals.

We will share result reports weekly.

We work with all advertising platforms: from Google and Facebook to LinkedIn.

We create ad campaigns for international markets.

Exhibitions and events.

The stands we make will make your competitors shudder.

Our customers are relaxed and satisfied, as we do all the work for them. We take care of all the problems: we create all the necessary advertising materials. We select the most successful place and agree on a discount with the organizers of the event . We create a professional presentation and talking points for the speech.

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The best price for participation in events.

Presentation and performance are on par of those by Tony Stark’s

Stand and presentation, which will attract the attention of all visitors.

The most spectacular exhibition activities: from 200 contacts collected per day.

Creation of advertising materials.

One time we created a viral video ad in an hour. Then we made such a cool booklet that the circulation of 3,000 copies was distributed on the first day of the exhibition.

Our main advantage is that we can do it quickly and efficiently. If you have any ideas, we will implement them in a quality manner.

If there is only a desire, we will help to formulate goals, come up with ideas and qualitatively implement them.

The peculiarity of our advertising is that we carefully approach each stage of its production, therefore we create such an advertisement that attracts the attention of the consumers and settles deeply in their head.

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We will create any advertising materials without technical requirements and unnecessary questions.

High-quality design at a low price.

We can offer dozens of already working ideas for advertising.

Unusual and explosive ideas in a short time.

Outbound and email marketing.

Your emails will be read, clicked-through on links, and customers will reach the right pages and buy goods or order services.

We can do any outreach: selling, informing, increasing loyalty. You only need to tell us what you want.

It’s 300 times more expensive to hire specialists (copywriter, designer, marketer) who will do the email of our level than order it from us.

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A few professionals are working on the outreach (marketing, copywriter, designer)

Database collected of ready-made email templates

We will organise the outreach, even if you have no customer base

We can prepare the outreach in a couple of hours

Work with reviews on the internet

You can leave it up to us to improve customers’ view of you online.

Reviews for us are a complete marketing tool. We will get in touch with your most loyal customers, help them make the right text, make professional photos and editing.

The reviews we make increase your sales and customer loyalty.

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Moderation of reviews and comments on the Internet.

Management of your image on social networks.

We take care of all the organizational work.

Writing, professional video creation and editing customer feedback.

Advertising campaigns

We will organise the campaign: from coming up with ideas to working with placement contractors.

We can organise any advertising campaign. Display, contextual, even offline. We have tremendous experience in our back pocket: from posting flyers to mailboxes to video ads on YouTube.

We are responsible for the result, we will provide you with the most complete and understandable reporting on what your money was spent on. You will see the number of impressions, clicks, purchases, all data about the campaign.

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We will create the best design and texts.

We will come up with an idea, organise it and report back.

We choose the best advertising channel for you.

Done before you know it.


We will take care of the design of everything — the site, booklets, promotional materials, business cards and even a stand for the exhibition.

Forget about the technical requirements of printing houses and exhibition organizers, we will contact them and fulfill all the requirements. We work only with the best contractors who are able to get colour and size, and are ready to redo everything at the slightest notice. Because we work with those who work just like us.

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Easy to understand what you want. Without unnecessary forms and meetings.

Full-cycle activities: from layout to printing.

Complete set: order or do everything for you — from a logo to a website.

High-quality design for a reasonable price.

Video presentations.

Do you get chills from just a thought that you need to create a video presentation or a video?

Stressing out over the script? Head spinning from hipster style suggestions, who seem to understand nothing about the marketing? We get it, just come to us. We will have coffee, make a video for the right price, and hear you out.

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We’ll come up with an idea and a scenario for you.

We create a detailed storyboard so you don’t have to redo it 100 times.

We’ll order the voice over even in Chinese if you require such.

Data analysis

For those who have thousands of orders or clients.

Oh, this is real marketing. If you have an online store with dozens of orders, a service with a large number of users, or something like that, we will be able to identify all patterns in customer behavior, all deviations and check all your guesses. As a rule, it all ends with the growth of the average check, revenue and other pleasant things.

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We will clarify patterns in customer behavior.

We will offer options for increasing the average check, the number of orders and customer lifecycle.

We will check your assumptions and hypotheses based on data.


Want to talk about marketing with someone who understands it?

Usually business owners have a huge bunch of marketing questions, mountains of doubt and nightly fears. Many dream simply that someone clearly, without clever words, explained what was happening. That is what we will do in consultation. Payment is hourly. Coffee, cookies and alcohol from us.

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Will clearly explain how marketing is built

Share with you minutes of the call by email

Create ideas, which you are missing

Version 2.3, made in 2022