Version 2.3, made in 2022



Eight out of ten clients are deceived by SEO contractors. We conducted hundreds of checks and we know what we are talking about.

«What an absolute joke,» we thought, and made the best SEO service.

We work as we should.

Our quotes are more transparent than glass.

You pay a fixed amount and get the result. That’s all. No dancing around or monthly budget increases. We do not ask you to pay extra for links or for statistics collection services. Everything is simple and transparent.

Reporting — more detailed than DaVinci’s paintings.

At the beginning of each month you get a structured action plan, and at the end — a detailed report on the work completed, site positions, purchased links and everything else, which is also very important. Specialists constantly report on each action.

We love both people and robots.

We optimize sites for search engines, but first of all, we think about people: we do not publish useless articles, we do not post miles of meaningless text. The sites that we create are visually pleasing, and even a preschooler could understand the navigation.

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There cannot be any guarantees for SEO. Now let’s explain why.

To guarantee that your site is at the TOP, you need to understand how the algorithm of search engines, Google, for example, works. The problem is that this algorithm is a complex self-learning system and no one has a clue how it works.

Therefore, no expert can guarantee you getting into the TOP. In fact, all the «guarantees» of such specialists are a guarantee of vague language in the contract or simply a fraud.

We offer you promotion in accordance with the official documentation of search engines, primarily Google. This avoids problems with blocking and sudden changes in position.

We support morally and technically.

We include the technical support of the site in the cost of SEO work: we will eliminate errors, ensure the site’s performance and do backups.

Base rate of

$550 per month

This includes all the work: audit, technical work on the site, purchasing links, writing articles, technical support and our love.

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Version 2.3, made in 2022