Version 2.3, made in 2022

Working since 2014 OUR STORY

How did it all begin?

Once we realized that there is almost no good marketing around, and for some reason we were only sharing our expertise with one company where we were working for a salary.

Some kind of unfair bul***it, we thought. So the idea was born: to collect the best of the best and to do the most prestigious marketing. That’s our ideology.

Our Core Principles


«Contagious Marketing» is the only company that can replace the full-time marketing department of almost any organization. At the same time, we take care of our customers: we do not ask for technical specifications for texts, we meet deadlines, we make an excellent design and set reasonable prices.


We are sure that good marketing should not cost crazy money (otherwise, it is no longer good, but expensive). For our clients, we always find solutions and ideas that are adequate for the price. For example, if necessary, we will make a video for 50 thousand. Provided it makes sense.


We do not undertake a task if we are not sure we can do everything perfectly.


We always meet deadlines and guarantee money back.


We also treat clients adequately and with respect. We expect the same in return. If something goes wrong, we fix it right there.


In general, working with us is pure joy.


We are tired of ugly sites, poor ads, dumb text and awful banners.

We are young and want to change the world of the marketing market. We want to live in a world of good service: where the client does not have to wait for three days to receive an answer on email and does not hang physical banners on stores. We have a dream: to gather the best team in one company and do the best marketing in the world. Of course we are doing it for money also :)

Fighters who bring marketing out of dark ages

Mikhail Nalyotov

Founder and ideological leader

Absolute destroyer of Marketing Primitivism, a new generation anti-marketologist with 20 years of experience


Marketing and attitude towards clients in most companies are at the level of the Middle Ages.

We’re going to add as much common sense and good marketing to the world as we can given our strength and patience. That is why our new logo features a medieval plague doctor who brings goodness and hope to the world.

Version 2.3, made in 2022