Version 2.3, made in 2022

90% of marketologists

get paid in vain

We are often approached by customers who do not understand: why their company needs a marketing department; what this department does; whether it is necessary to spend money on it, and if necessary, how much?

For those who have decided to conduct a great marketing clean-up — we offer a test of the marketing department as a separate service.

Order an audit of the marketing department

Honestly, we will always tell you if something is deadly bad

We always calmly, honestly and without emotions show customers the problem areas in the work of marketing.

Honestly, we will always tell you if everything is divinely good

It can be the case that your marketing is wonderful. This is not often the case. But it happens. In this case, we will be happy to tell you about this and explain why.

We will show you how to fix it.

We always offer one or several solutions to the problem, if we find one.

Evidence in Data and Facts

All the conclusions that we make in the process of work are based only on data: facts supported by numbers. And no other way.

And what is the result?

On average, after conducting an audit and following our recommendations,

the marketing budget is cut by


while maintaining or improving efficiency

About time!

How do you
do that?

We will discuss the details and conclude a contract.

We will work in the client’s office from 3 to 5 working days. Want more — there will be more.

For your employees everything looks like consulting, which means there will be no conflicts.

We will prepare a written opinion and clear recommendations on the work.

Understood, let’s begin

Basic check points:

— Availability and quality of marketing plans and strategies;

— the rationality of spending budgets;

— the level of qualification of employees;

— employee productivity, staff reasonableness;

— assessment of the work results;

— the quality of reporting and analytics;

— assessment of the quality of marketing materials;

— assessment of the quality of work and the validity of work with contractors;

— assessment of motivation and attitude of employees.

Usually, verification takes
from 2 to 5 business days

Price of the question

It all depends on how many employees you have and how big the company is.

The base price is


Body bags come for free

It’s just a ridiculous amount that we are charging
compared to savings you are about to make.

Body bags come for free

Makes sense. Call me

Version 2.3, made in 2022